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Coding the Australian senate preference visualisation

In the run-up to the recent Australian federal election, a record number of candidates lodged preference tickets for the Senate; to help untangle the preferences, I decided to grab the data, analyse it and write an interactive web-based visualisation, using Python to obtain and process the data and the D3 JavaScript library to code the visualisaton. Here are some more details of how I did this.


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Spain.js Max/MSP lightning talk

I recently gave a lightning talk at Spain.js about the subject of my recent blog post here, or using JavaScript for writing user interfaces for Max/MSP and Max for Live. It was a very quick talk (as it had to fit in five minutes), though hopefully gave an overview of the process and the issues involved.

For what it's worth, I have put up the slides I used, in HTML and PDF. They were more a prop to talk over than a faithful copy of the talk, but some may find them useful.

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Custom Max for Live user interface elements using jsui

If you're writing a Max for Live instrument or effect, at some point you may find the standard user interface components that come with Max—the dials, sliders buttons and menus, and the built-in grid and step sequencer—to be limiting. Fortunately, however, it is possible to create custom interface elements in JavaScript, using the jsui object, albeit with some gotchas.


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