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alsd, an Ableton Live set dumping utility

Recently, I found myself going through unfinished Ableton Live projects on my hard drive, opening them and making a note of what they are and which instruments they use. Whilst doing this, I thought that it should be possible to partly automate the task: after all, Ableton Live sets are just gzipped XML files, which, with any luck, it should be easy enough to extract information from.

Anyway, to wit, I have written a small script to do exactly this; it is named alsd, and is written in Python.

alsd is currently fairly basic; it can list the tracks in a Live set, and optionally list the devices (i.e., instruments and effects) on each track. For Live native devices and Audio Unit plugins it can usually list the preset name, if any. More functionality will be added to this script in future.

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Coding the Australian senate preference visualisation

In the run-up to the recent Australian federal election, a record number of candidates lodged preference tickets for the Senate; to help untangle the preferences, I decided to grab the data, analyse it and write an interactive web-based visualisation, using Python to obtain and process the data and the D3 JavaScript library to code the visualisaton. Here are some more details of how I did this.


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