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Adventures with Scala, Play, SecureSocial and ReactiveMongo, Part 1

Recently I have been playing with Scala, and particularly with the Play web framework. For what it's worth, Scala is a functional object-oriented language, somewhere between Python and Haskell with the odd Erlangism, bits of Java sticking out in places and an infamously Turing-complete type system, and Play is a Ruby-style web framework implemented in it. The main selling point of Scala, other than the functional niftiness of it, is that it's, as the name suggests, highly scalable; in fact, when Twitter had scaling problems, they rewrote their systems from Ruby on Rails to Scala.)

In the course of my experiments, I have been looking at SecureSocial, a reasonably flexible web identity/authentication framework which allows one to allow users to log in using either local accounts or remote OAuth/OpenID-based services. Also, for the sake of being modern (not to mention scalability), I decided to eschew the traditional SQL databases and go with MongoDB, using the highly asynchronous ReactiveMongo library. Finally, I decided to extend SecureSocial's standard user model, adding extra fields to the user object (among them, capabilities for access control). Unfortunately, there has not until now been much solid documentation on how to bring these elements together, hence this article.


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